DARKSIDE – Lawmaker

Photo: Jed DeMoss

If you had the power to make laws, what’s the first thing you’d bring into action? I think I’m such a pain in the backside that things like banning slow walking, bad music, P**rs M**gan and rubbish fish and chips would be high on my list. Then again, who’s to say if I’m even real, or if this is who I actually am.

By the way, there’s a great song from DARKSIDE that you need to listen to that has a title oddly fitting to my ramblings. This dark, demonic sizzler has other songs scurrying away in the shadows as it powerfully struts into view like a new sheriff in town. Slow and measured, every last sound in this feels tailored to perfection as they set up a short story that’s more enticing than most TV dramas these days.

It’s fascinating, terrifying and powerful all in one go. Don’t try to look away, you can’t any more. You’re bound by this new law. At least I think that’s how it works.


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