Natalie McCool – Take Me To Your Leader

If Natalie McCool was an alien trying to conceal her true identity, she’d have probably given the game away by using this line straight out of the non-Earthling textbook. Still, you’d probably rather keep her around to play such stunning music for you rather than having her shipped off to Area 51.

Her latest offering comes in the build up to new album Memory Girl which is due to drop at the end of July, and it becomes yet another delicious hors d’oeuvre in the build up to something bigger to feast upon. The soundscape McCool creates here is truly captivating and her vocals deliver perfectly to sit somewhere within the production rather than standby out there on their own.

Every time this absolute genius releases a new track it’s a joy to behold, so I can only assume the album is going to absolutely overwhelm my senses. Might see if I can get that day off work, just in case.


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