Voodoo Bandits – I’m A Loser

Self esteem is hugely important these days, as is Self Esteem but that’s another artist for another time. So to hear Voodoo Bandits labelling themselves as losers is somewhat disheartening, when on balance at least one member of the band probably is actually alright at least.

‘I don’t want to waste my life’ is a bit of a tricky one after the last year when many of us have felt like at least a bit of it has been wasted, still, there probably were other things I could have been doing outside of racking up 500 hours on Football Manager. The song? Oh yeah, it’s great. It’s classic young buck indie goodness, think Circa Waves first album with just a bit more bite and from slightly further out into the sea (with this rabble being from the Isle Of Man apparently).

Fiery, straight to the point and filled more energy than that big bottle of Lucozade my mum used to buy whenever I was ill. Get your dancing shoes on.


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