Late TV – Night Tennis

Given how light it is at the moment both so late in the evening and so early in the morning, a game of tennis at night doesn’t exactly sound impossible. It would probably still be too hot too, but actually may be preferable to a game in the midday sun. Though I’m pretty sure that’s not quite what Late TV are on about here.

With some delightfully silly lyrics about orders at the bar and other such nonsensical tableaux, it’s hardly a surprise that this is right up my street. The music is like some weird TV show theme tune that’s been adapted for a Halloween special by just ramping up the creepy. Apparently the band are influenced by David Lynch, and it’s not hard to see that in the way that absolutely nothing makes sense here and yet I’m still unable to look away.

Truly bizarre, my word this is fascinating and absolutely made my morning as I put the recycling bins out while suitably dressed in my tennis whites. Anyone fancy a game?


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