Bess Atwell – All You Can Do

Photo: Sequoia Ziff

Sometimes you may feel helpless, like the world is moving on around you while you’re stuck in a rut and slipping further from where you’d really rather be. But, as Bess Atwell names her latest single, just do All You Can Do.

Of course, Atwell is using the phrase in a different way – asking whether or not you’re actually doing all you can for her. If you’re not buying her records and swanning around town in her merch, are you really doing everything you can? After all, she’s put so much time and effort into creating a stunning novella of a song together for you that absolutely sparkles in the sunshine. Just a few of your monies wouldn’t go amiss in terms of showing your gratitude.

In all seriousness, this song is awfully delightful and I’ll be having it over for tea as much as I can in the next few weeks.


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