The Flavians – Is It Real

Dear The Flavians, I hope you are all well and having a lovely time in Berlin. Your most recent correspondence labelled ‘Better Than This’ was so impressive that I was surprised to hear something so brilliant from you again quite so soon afterwards. But here we are, and I’m very grateful for it.

Your latest writings labelled ‘Is It Real’ had me both questioning the world around me and relaxing into my hastily constructed armchair to enjoy watching the sun come up at an hour I’d only previously known existed at the end of the night or when getting a poorly booked flight. The way you sing to me and play your instruments so superbly is a joy to behold and my day feels surprisingly bright for having you in it.

I hope it isn’t too long before your next correspondence as I’m hooked on you like a teenager who is stuck hanging in every single message from someone they believe is their true love and finding it so hard to play it cool. Faithfully, I’m yours.


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