Lav – Sardine Song

Photo: Margaret Leyva

Early in lockdown we began giving a voice to a cuddly toy shark that we have in the flat, who of course relies on a love of fish for a big part of his personality. It goes without saying that he would love this Lav track, though it’s probably for a different reason to why I do.

This tender voice whispers right in your ear while the music remains as slow and solemn as it needs to make the story shine through even more. The sheer quality here comes in the vocal delivery which is truly outstanding, while the message itself is inescapable and seems like a tale that so many listening will be able to connect with. This is a truly incredible thing to listen to and it feels like you’re being drawn in to an emotionally tense situation from the first few words – something you never want to truly escape from.

The shark’s name is Tony Jumbo, in case you’re wondering. He’s a delight.


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