Pollena – Stand Up

Photo: Ty Faruki

Not just the name of a hayfever medication I used to take as a teenager, Pollena also happens to be an absolute master of electronic psychedelic music that pulls you in quicker than a fish falling for the worm trick for the thousandth time.

With elements of this track being made for dancefloors, it’s far more than just your standard four to the four banger. There are little flitters of sound that have your brain second guessing, as the music ebbs and flows with more power than even the strongest man made wave pool. It’s super dreamy and doesn’t have that overbearing nature that sometimes happens with dance tracks, instead it feels somewhat more reserved and inviting you to actually listen to the detail of it all.

For a mellow night when you want something that gets you going but you’ve got to get up early the next day for a run, you’ll not find anything better suited than this.


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