Silvertwin – The Night Is Ours

Am I going to write about every single track Silvertwin put out there? Looks like it. There’s something just so infectiously happy about the music they create that hasn’t yet failed to bring a big Cheshire Cat grin to my face even once.

This is music for people who just want to enjoy life and really make the most of it all. No pretence, no gimmicks, just good old fashioned glam funk like they used to make back in the day before many of us were even here. With a catchy vocal refrain if the song title, the piano is particularly drawing on this one but really there isn’t so much as a hair out of place and everything sets that joyous mood so smoothly.

Give this lot the night, give them the day, give them everything in between. They deserve it all for creating just the most fun music there is.


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