Mexican Dogs – Run Run Run!

Once you get over the initial probably insensitive concept of a beagle wearing a sombrero overlooking a plate of nachos, you can focus on the rocking brilliance of Mexican Dogs first release.

Recorded by the excellent Andy Fernihough (one of the finest people in music I’ve ever met), this is the latest outfit featuring Gaz Wilcox who has been a leading light of the Liverpool music scene for a fair while now. It’s proper old school rock and roll vibes with that touch of glam and modernised Black Keys style delivery, perfect for really ramping up an evening from a pleasant soirée into an absolute rager. This is grabbing music by the horns and absolutely riding it all the way home, without even stopping at a Little Chef.

Get a big dose of this down you and you’ll be rocking on and on until the break of dawn. Or you’ll at least just enjoy some cracking music for a few minutes, your call.


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