sir Was – Waiting For The Weekend

sir Was constantly shows just how brilliant he is with a selection of tunes that are impossible to escape from, not that you’d ever really want to leave them behind.

For his latest artistic trick, he keys into one of life’s leading motives for anyone who works a 9-5. Sure, it’s easy to get people on side when you’re raising points like ‘Oi, isn’t the weekend great?’ but it’s more the beauty of the song that has me hooked. With a bass that barely interjects and yet does so much hidden away behind a host of sparkling sounds, it’s the chill vibes that really do the most – with all sense of urgency long discarded so that any listener can assume the passing of time has slowed to an almost complete stop.

Perfect far lazy weekend afternoons, once the waiting is done. Why not pour yourself another sugary drink and step out into the garden? Who cares if it rains?


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