The Goon Sax – Psychic

Photo: Hugo Nobay

I owe my knowledge of the word ‘goon’ to a former Tasmanian housemate called Luke who LOVED every opportunity to explain how the bogan wine from a bag treat was really something special. Not that that has much, if anything, to do with this ‘80s inspired banger from The Goon Sax.

With a disappointing lack of saxophone given their name, the band instead offer up plenty of synth sounds from their Brisbane base as they look to delve into a range of dark and mysterious sounds. The vocals are delivered with such confidence and swagger that you’d happily buy a bridge from this lot, while the music meanders you into a state of confusion and you end up wondering if you even own your own trousers any more.

Built on confusion and with an enveloping chaos at its heart, you might find it hard to step away from this one. Now, let’s go out for some nice refreshing goon.


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