Hubert Lenoir – SECRET

Photo: Daniel Dugas

What’s your biggest secret? Come on now, you know you’re safe writing it in the comments – nobody reads this stuff anyway, so what’s the worst that can happen? Hubert Lenoir has a secret, but it sounds like it’s just that he knows how to make brilliant pop music.

From the pause that makes it sound like Justin Timberlake has been giving him advice, the Quebecois artist has actually been working with the likes of Mac DeMarco so he’s already in pretty esteemed company when it comes to writing tunes that please the mind. This soulful gem is filled with little surprises and touches that show more attention to detail than a painting worth £20,000 which is being bought by an oil baron as some kind of tax ripoff.

Easier to get into than those jeans you still have from when you overdid it at Christmas, this song brings nothing but good vibes and TELL ME YOUR SECRETS NOW!!!! Well, it was worth a shot.


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