CHILDCARE – Little Secret

It’s no secret how much I adore CHILDCARE and basically spend most weekends just staring at their Spotify page hoping that some new will drop. And so, here we are. Again.

If you’ve enjoyed them before, then you’ll love this as they tick off their usual tropes of fun wordplay, lively baselines, phenomenal harmonies and Rich Le Gate absolutely wilding out with guitar skills that highlight the band’s pedigree. Tighter than those shorts you bought optimistically after a successful dry January, this bunch always deliver the goods at a tip-worthy standard and the expert musicality on show is definitely enough to demand a full cost of admission.

How do they never seem to miss? Every track just nails it time after time and I’ve genuinely yet to hear anything from CHILDCARE that makes me think they’re capable of producing anything less than absolute perfection. What a band. Here’s to 24th September when their new album Busy Busy People comes into the world.


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