World’s First Cinema – Supernatural

Do you believe in ghosts? What about mermaids? Are they supernatural too or just another kind of myth, legend or whatever? Anyway, it sounds like World’s First Cinema might just believe in the occult as they go BIG with this anthemic belter.

The chorus goes far, far wider than the biggest chasm you’ve ever seen – turning this from a rumbling little indie gem into something made for playing to the masses in all the right places. For anyone who was into their emo and MySpace back in the day (kids, ask your parents) this is definitely going to hit hard and be a winner. The way it completely takes over so that you can’t even see what else is around you shows the sheer power at hand here.

Maybe they’ve enlisted something otherworldly to help them create such a curious oddity, it seems like magic is the only option for why I can’t turn this off. Definitely nothing to do with my laptop freezing or anything. Not this time.


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