Ophelia – Japanese Peru

I mean, the song name doesn’t make sense. Right? We’ve just got to get over that one before I can ramble on about how good the first release from Talkboy frontman Tim Makin under his new Ophelia project is. They’re two different places, Tim. Come on now.

The song is beautiful though, with a simple yet effective approach that sees the music generally taking the lightest of touches so as not to wake the neighbours. This is all about setting a stunning scene filled with hope and potential, while Makin prophecises about what kind of a world we could all be in. It’s ambitious to hope for a better place to be, but then sometimes that hope is all we have and it’s worth clinging onto firmly with both hands. And your feet, if they’re pretty reliable.

Alright, so Makin says this is all about “an idyllic place that may or may not exist, and the hope that you’ll get there one day” so I guess he gets a pass. But I hope the Peruvian embassy are lenient as I will be with him.


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