Liily – I Am Who I Think You Think I Am

Photo: Kristy Benjamin

After you finally get your head around what the title is and you double check it at least a handful of times to make sure you’ve got it right, I’m sad to say it doesn’t get much easier when you actually press play on this freaky little ditty from Liily.

Not to say it’s bad by any means, but if you’re looking for some easy listening then you’re way off. This is a real challenge, the best kind of testing, as the LA-based outfit really push you to your limit. This is all about rocking out and really letting loose with no time for conventions or formality, it’s an absolutely manic shambles that I can’t get enough of. With more energy than a super-charged battery that’s been raring to go since you bought it a few months back, this is an unleashing of raw power that’s set to blow you away.

Get yourself ready to totally let go and switch off from normality, this is far out rocking that’ll really get your blood pumping.


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