Soccer Mommy – rom com 2004

Photo: Monica Murray

Can anyone remember what they were doing back in 2004? I think I’d just started secondary school so I’m trying to work out whether or not this would have been just before or after I was outed as a massive nerd. Anyway, Soccer Mommy has spit out a track so brilliant you’ll be wanting to get a time machine so you can go back and listen to it for the first time all over again.

With glitches and all kinds of fuzzy effects like a slightly dated video game graphic, Sophie Allison has absolutely done it again with another pop song that’s impossible to resist. Those filthy sounds are in all the right places, allowing Allison’s slacker style vocals to really be the focus as she spins yarns that’ll hit any listener right in the teenage years. That break just after the first chorus is a fantastic addition, just a real step out before you’re dropped back in at the shallow end.

Would I like to go back to being a teenager? Probably not, but then that’s mostly because I’d miss the pub too much. Can’t be making that kind of sacrifice on a whim.


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