Jesse D’Kora – Far From Home

Clear your mind entirely. Imagine an expansive desert, sun shining brightly down upon you as the heat seems to increase exponentially. You’ll be needing something refreshing like the debut single from Jesse D’Kora to keep you nice and refreshed.

Think ‘Keep The Car Running’ mixed with the likes of current indie poppers like SPINN, with dreamy soundscapes abound and a pulsing rhythm that keeps it all from disappearing off into the distance. The Manchester-based artist describes his sound as lo-fi, but really there’s a lot more to it than that. The way it glimmers in the sunshine and offers optimism for the future and things to come can have a real impact on positively improving your state of mind and it’s just a great song for helping get your thoughts in order.

For a first release this is a very exciting thing indeed, here’s hoping the next few are up to scratch or I’ll have to send the boys round Jesse. The boys, Jesse. The boys.


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