The Mysterines – In My Head

Photo: Katy Cummings

Liverpool quartet The Mysterines are back with a rocking swagger that shows a real sense of confidence in their step, so much so that they don’t even need to look where they’re going – each foot forward is going in exactly the right place, no doubt.

With this latest banger they’re appealing to your darker side, with utterly filthy guitars on hand to rock your head into next week while Lia Metcalfe’s voice belts her questions at you as if you’ve done someone seriously wrong and are in denial. Metcalfe’s voice is straight out of a classic rock album, dripping with a passion and intensity that makes every word hit that bit harder. When the band really let loose, you’ll do well to keep your head on your shoulders as it’ll be wanting to break loose.

Nail down the furniture and scoot the elderly neighbours out for the afternoon, things are about to get very loud in all the right ways.


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