The Flavians – The Flavians

Settle yourself in with a nice cup of tea, ice coffee or – if it’s a little later in the day – your alcohol if choice. It’s time to bask in the self-titled EP from mine and your new favourite Berlin-based band The Flavians.

They’ve already shown through past releases such as Non Stop Fun (All I Wanted) and On The Radio that they have exactly what it takes to write an indie banger, and this time around they’ve kept their slightly spaced out style about them for a handful of excellent tracks. Opener Blinded By The Scenery is the perfect way into the band if you’ve never heard them before, giving an accurate sample of what you’re going to get if you go the whole hog and invest a full 15 minutes into them. Alright, 16 and a half but who’s counting?

Four of the tracks have been released separately as singles throughout this year already, but it’s always good to have a batch of lovely sounds all in one place. The off-beat way of life the band seem to lead and encourage seems a whole heap of fun and there’s a casualness about the music that lets you know just how relaxed they are. It constantly sounds like they’re just so happy to be making music, and really that’s far more important than anything else. There’s always some brilliant piano riffs to be heard, while the vocals are enticing and constantly spout words you want to listen in intently too. New track Black Bat is absolutely beautiful, a waltzing little beauty that drops with emotion and freedom.

In all truth, I can’t quite remember how I was first so fortunate to stumble across The Flavians but I’m so glad I did. These people make absolutely brilliant music and my life is so much better for having heard it all.


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