Sprints – How Does The Story Go?

The very first time I heard this Sprints track I thought I’d found my new favourite band here we are a week or two later and I’ve still not been able to convince myself otherwise. Oh my, what absolute brilliance this is.

Of course they’re on Nice Swan, a label who get it right more often than a Countdown contestant who has been on so long that they get the teapot (is that how it works?). The Dublin quartet just have such an infectious energy about them that even if you’re sat at home on the sofa you’ll feel like you’re in the front row moshing around again like it’s 2019 and you haven’t got any back problems yet. It’s refreshing to hear someone admitting they’re not fine so bluntly, and really it’s the vocal delivery that makes this all so appealing – poetic, angry and ready to let loose at a moment’s notice.

This is so, so good that I’m not even going to try and write some naff joke about sprinting. Get yourself on this in a flash.


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