Merpire – Brain Cells

Photo: Nick Mckk

To pull out a brain cell must be one of the most truly painful things you could do. Would you go in through the nostril or the ear? Either way can’t be nice, and yet Merpire makes it sound almost an attractive proposition with her latest indie banger.

The Aussie artist hits those right country twangs as she rolls on with a laid back number that should be getting heaps of attention. It’s one of those songs that could really just GO and become an anthem for a new generation of music lovers, not least through the story it tells or through the way Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt isn’t afraid to constantly switch up the tempo to make each emotional hit come that bit harder. By the time the final refrain repeats you’re nodding along with every word and then the guitars just lets loose and takes you away.

If you really want to remove some brain cells though, may I suggest the option of ‘booze’. It’s worked wonders for me… Anyway, the full album is out now too and is BRILLIANT so what on earth are you waiting for?


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