girlhouse- Happy Now

Are you happy? No, but really. If you did some real soul searching do you actually think you’re happy with your life? I hope so, you deserve it. I think you’re great. Speaking of brilliant things, there’s a new one from girlhouse which is just sublime.

That misty guitar sound makes for a lush introduction for some slacker goodness that’ll have you reaching out in vain for some emotional stability. If this isn’t your first taste then you’ll know Lauren Luiz has a real talent for making bedroom pop that hits hard and feels like the first draft was frantically sprawled down onto a scrap piece of paper in a raw emotional state. Apparently this one started off as an angry poem directed at someone else before Luiz realised she was projecting her own insecurities onto the other person. We’ve all been there, yet few of us are strong enough to admit it.

This is an absolute stormer that I can’t get enough of and you’re in for a real treat the second you press that big old Play button.


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