Marion Raw – Hideaway

Raw by name, raw by nature. No, I’m not suggesting that we should be cooking the incredibly talented Marion Raw but just alluding to the brilliant lo-fi nature of her latest aural offering. Honestly, I’m not quite that desperate for a snack yet – and I hope wherever you’re reading this it hasn’t got quite so bad that cannibalism is looking like a viable option.

It’s so so simple, and yet I can’t turn my attention onto anything else. The stripped back nature of the song ironically enough means there’s nowhere for any mistakes, mis-steps or bits that aren’t quite as good to hide away. Everything is laid out front and centre for a listener to be able to thoroughly examine it all in just a single listen. Raw’s vocals are mesmerising and otherworldly while the basic guitar riff ticks your mind over like the kind of repetitive thought you need to keep hold of when popping to the shops for something specific.

Who needs hefty production when you can make music this good just using the essentials? This is hypnotic genius.


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