Maxwell Varey – Psycho

Either my memory of music in film is terrible or this song from Maxwell Varey has little or nothing to do with Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece. Hopefully Mr Varey is far removed from Mr Bates, and his talent for songwriting suggests he probably doesn’t quite have enough time on his hands to lose it completely.

This is the second track released by the young lad from Wigan, who has a real knack for making indie pop that swerves brilliantly like one of those bikes from Tron which only midway through the sentence must have been released more than 20 years before he was born. I wasn’t born either, I think, but that’s irrelevant. His first single Lucid is also well worth checking out, and above all else he brings fun to his music which makes it an instant winner for me.

Capable of creating the much sought after ‘good vibes’, you may have forgotten by this point that it’s about a psycho all along. So just, you know, watch your back. Jack.


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