Gustaf – Book

Photo: Felipe Torres

With a song title that would make Charades considerably harder, it’s time to start mixing our metaphors with Gustaf and this page-turning melody that beats of with a hand speed usually reserved for… Never mind, I heard it.

The vocals would have been a great fit for CBGB and the whole thing is just one big ode to punk in all the right places. Stripped back textures, jagged guitars and necessary repetition brings with it an enjoyable edge and the fact this isn’t over-produced to within an inch of its life gives off all the right vibes. It’s as if the spine is worn right through and the pages are coming apart in your hands, yet you’ve still got a massive grin slapped across your face as you revel in the chaos. Who wants to read anyway when you can be rocking out?

No, but reading is great. Much better than writing. Anyway, I should probably look up at the game being played before me. I think my Nan is trying to do Spider-Man 2.


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