Cassels – Mr Henderson Coughs

This is bizarre. I still don’t quite get it, and I’m not going to pretend I do, but there’s something so utterly strange about this Cassels mind warped that it would be rude of me to simply ignore it.

From the twisted vocals to the bending notes that make up what I guess are the main riffs, but are really just single notes, everything is reflected through a miserable funhouse mirror and you’re never quite able to sit comfortably. It’s the aural equivalent of being sat watching a film wi your parents and a sec scene comes on, with none of you quite able to find the remote – or the words to remedy the situation. When the track lets loose it’s a relief as you actually get a lovely bit of rocking out, and a little less of the oddities.

I think I absolutely love this. But then again, I’m not sure if I’m even in control of my own brain any more after listening to this. You have been warned, but you should give it a go anyway.


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