Boy! Racer – Don’t Know What You’re Missing

Photo: Joshua Fletcher

There’s nothing quite like a dose of FOMO, it can absolutely tear your mind apart as you don’t quite know whether you’re missing a seminal moment in your pals’ lives. That’s what Boy! Racer has hit upon with this beaut of a single, though my guess is that the Aylesbury-based artist hasn’t bailed on events at the last minute only to sit and play a golf game on the PlayStation all night. Look, we all have our flaws.

Conor Richards – the man behind the moniker – takes clear inspiration from some of the more creative indie minds out there, citing the likes of Blood Orange and the wonderful Her’s as influences. There’s a heady pop tint to all of this too, with it sounds properly on the lighter side of indie that’s easy for anyone to get into. You could share this with your Nan and she’d probably think it’s nice, though she might think it’s a band you’re playing in and get a bit confused but that’s a problem for later.

Oh I’ve got it. That guitar riff is basically Let’s Get Physical. You’ll know which one I mean when you hear it, and you’ll judge me for thinking it. But we both know it’s a banger worth borrowing from.


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