Fur – When You Walk Away, Pt. 1

A good riff can change the world. I mean, the opening one in this Fur beauty might not be able to actually do much for World Peace or anything but it’s still pretty hard to resist, so maybe it’ll make everyone take a brief break from all the bad stuff and calm down for a moment or two.

The whole song is absolutely gorgeous and probably one of my favourite releases the Brighton quartet have done to date and confirms any murmurings about them really being the real deal, ready to take on the world. Those vocals are ripped straight from a summer of love – and the guitar sound pinched from a similar period of musical abundance – with this whole song feeling so utterly timeless and like a classic that you’ve been listening to for years.

It’s note perfect and I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Except maybe make it twice as long so that I don’t have to keep pressing play quite so often.


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