W. H. Lung – Gd Tym

Photo: Adrian Davies

Dear W. H. Lung, While I completely adore your music I have to moan that the title of your latest song has made this a right nightmare with formatting as someone who writes this all on his phone, battling against the great evil of autocorrect.

But I shall forgive you, this once, because I simply can’t get enough of this dancing little ripper that has brightened up my morning so much that I might not even need a coffee. Readymade for dancefloors and flipping right out to the groove, there’s a classic ‘80s influence over all this with the addition of Modest Mouse style shoutings and a guitar line that wouldn’t appear out of place on Remain In Light. There’s loads to unpack in this and I wasted the whole first paragraph with a stupid joke, more fool me I guess.

This is an absolute winner and I can’t wait to hear it in some sweaty gig venue while sipping on a lime and soda responsibly at the back with a coy grin on my face as I look adoringly at this bunch of talented folk.


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