Nadia Sheikh – IDWK

Photo: Rita Gratacòs

What does IDWK stand for? Actually, I don’t even wanna know. I just want to know why this is the first I’m hearing of Nadia Sheikh and her sublime voice. I don’t wanna know whose fault this is, mostly because I’m pretty sure it’s mine.

The lightness of her voice rises up above a swirling uncertainty within the sound, those vocals really standing out like a preacher on the mount who everyone actually wants to stop and look up at in awe. There’s so much heart in this that it might be worth checking some hospital deliveries haven’t gone missing recently, that raw emotion evident throughout giving you a real dose of what the artist is feeling without you having to even dig into the details in the slightest.

With a few arena support dates already under her belt, this could very well be someone destined for great things. Best keep your eye on her, and any upcoming tour dates so you can get in nice and early.


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