Bess Atwell – Red Light Heaven

Photo: Sequoia Ziff

Forget hot girl summer or whatever latest meme trend I’m meant to be keeping on top of, this summer has truly belonged to Bess Atwell and if you’ve even heard a moment of her music in the last few months you’ll know exactly why.

Atwell is proving to be one of the most startling, striking voices of her generation with a real knack for emotional depth in her lyrics. Track after track has come and I’m yet to be disappointed even in the slightest by a second of what I’ve heard. Honestly that voice could sing me the menu from a local takeaway and I’d be in absolute heaven. Actually, that sounds like my dream Friday night anyway – as long as some of the food turns up afterwards and we can eat it on our laps in front of the telly.

I’ve got my fancy pyjamas on and have spread out a range of menus for nearby places across the table, don’t worry I won’t be fussy about which one we have. Your move, Atwell.


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