sir Was – I Need A Minute

Yeah I’m totally ready to start this review, don’t worry about the bed head or one sock or anything. Look, if I can get out of bed without falling over and brush my teeth with the right brush then I don’t need another minute before telling you how great sir Was is again and why this latest track is giving me that much needed pep in my step.

It’s crafted so well that you’d easily mistake Joel Wästberg for a carpenter or DIY expert from the telly, instead of being one of the coolest cats since TC and Garfield ruled the world. This latest song is filled with that signature swagger and rhythm that makes him such a fascinating figure. No, not Garfield – we’ve moved on. Few can claim to have this kind of mojo and every damn beat just makes you want to pull an Este Haim bass face in delight.

Alright, maybe I’m not quite ready to start this all yet. The blurry vision and the Cheerios up my nose probably should have been the stopping point. I’m just going to lie back down and listen to this again.


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