Adam Cleaver – Boxed & Braised

acepThe warmth emanating from Adam Cleaver‘s track ‘Boxed & Braised‘ would be enough to heat a family of 5 for even the harshest of winters. Taken from his upcoming EP of the same title, there is a gradual growth throughout this track which adds features to help support the ear-catching voice/guitar combo which effortlessly drives the song home.

With an acoustic guitar that fills the air, supported by a simple, brilliantly produced bassline, Cleaver is able to let his voice roam free. His tone immediately sets you at ease, feeling familiar and comforting yet I’m struggling to pin-point any singer of whom Cleaver is reminding me. Despite the high quality production, something still feels delightfully raw about ‘Boxed & Braised‘. It has that DIY appeal, as do most (if not all) acoustic singer-songwriter tracks, but Cleaver has been able to take it to the next level with a crispness that betrays his rustic roots.

With echoes of Fleet Foxes, ‘Boxed & Braised‘ is a track that would fit perfectly with a range of emotions – whether happy or sad, you’ll surely be able to easily slip into this warm, fulfilling beauty.

Ciaran Steward

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