Roman Remains – Gazebo

photoI’ve got a bit of a reputation for being a guitars-only sort of person. This is something which has taken me years to build up and in many ways I’m proud of my stubbornness, no matter how stupid it may be. However, the last year has seen me take a turn to the dark side as I’ve been working with electronic music on a daily basis without a guitar in sight. Harrowing, I know.

Nevertheless, this development and broadening of horizons has meant that I now feel like I’m in a much better position to tackle Roman Remains and their new track ‘Gazebo‘. Yes, I did just remember that this was supposed to be a review.

With clever, intricate textures that overlap and intertwine behind the etherial voice of Liela Moss, the track combines some of the more chilled out, dark sounds of electronic music with a bombardment of powerful, industrial rage. It’s a Jekyll and Hyde type of track, with the exceptions that both halves are extremely pleasant and that neither of the two heads of Liela Moss that feature heavily in the video could be described as monstrous. The video, which is excellently shot, effortlessly adds to this identity crisis and helps to draw in even the most hard-nosed cynics.

Lyrically lip-licking, ‘Gazebo‘ is an absolute cracker of a tune and the Roman Remains duo seem destined for great things – they’re supporting Gary Numan’s UK tour which seems like the perfect fit. This is electronic music done right.

Ciaran Steward

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