Smoove & Turrell – Broken Toys

artworks-000080633299-a6p1fg-t500x500If George Clinton had been born in Newcastle, he’d have wanted a slice of Smoove & Turrell. The fire of Northern Soul is relit with the fabulous new album Broken Toys which is a non-stop groove-fest.

I’ve always been a huge sucker for brass and when it gets used to provide such tasty licks as heard on tracks such as ‘Long Way To Fall‘ I feel myself biting my lip to keep myself from making trumpet noises – mainly because they’d completely ruin the track and the feel-good vibe. My personal favourite track would probably have to be ‘Play To Win‘ as John Turrell’s voice is so on it that I can’t help but grin.

There are no half-measures on this album, at a little over 55 minutes long and comprised of 13 tracks there’s so much more of it to love than you’d expect. Perhaps it’s this long-running time that makes ‘Always‘ such a key centre-piece as it calms the album with a smooth, tender ballad which helps to show off the versatility of the song-writing as well as Turrell’s magnificent vocals. It also gives us a chance to appreciate the ridiculously high production quality of the album.

This is a finely polished piece of work throughout and the fantastic production is suavely constructed from start to finish. There are hallmarks of classic Motown records throughout, as well as nods to the godfathers of the Northern Soul scene, and you’d have to be pretty uptight to not get caught up in some of the infectious grooves. With plenty of catchy, memorable riffs on offer Broken Toys is an absolutely fantastic album and I’m more than happy to spend the rest of my day bathing in Smoove & Turrell‘s groove wonderland.

Ciaran Steward

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