Dieter Meier – ‘Buffoon’

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAYello have had a place in my heart for a long time so I was more than happy to be sent Dieter Meier‘s latest single ‘Buffoon‘ for review. To me, Meier has always seemed to be Switzerland’s answer to the magnificent Ian Dury – with a much more positive outlook on life. Perhaps he’s better described as a cross between Dury and Spike Milligan as his sense of humour and tomfoolery is much to the level of the magnificent Goon.

Meier’s trademark deep, almost erotic voice leads a song that essentially seems like a bit of messing about and his use of the Partridge-esque ‘A-ha!’ helps add to the comical element of the track. Musically it’s a bit Chas’n’Dave but that is by no means a bad thing! There’s a real charm to the song which is utterly endearing and the video shows that Meier clearly still has moves.

It’s a feel-good track that will bring a smile to your face, whether or not you’re a fan of the music, as the lyrics are a babbling brook of brilliance. It’s not quite up there with ‘Oh Yeah‘, which I still see as one of the quintessential 80s tunes, but it’s well worth a listen – and given the strange video, particularly the magnificent tailor, worth a watch.

Ciaran Steward

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  1. Hello Mr Ciaran,
    How nice to find out that Dieter Meier is still making music. I know Yello from the hits back in the eighties, and have never even thought about listening to them again, although I loved the bold sounds and humour they put into their music. Although I do not agree that this track is sexy, I do agree it is utterly funny!
    If I ever reach his age, I sure hope to still be dancing like he does!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Herr Flemm

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