Cemetary Junction – Eighteen

10353300_660632320652379_2689250198418146981_oWith their recent release ‘Eighteen‘, Cemetery Junction are able to capture the youthful defiance and arrogance that fuels young people across the country – the desire not to have their life already planned out in full is exactly the sort of attitude that should be grasped firmly with both hands.

Thankfully no relation to the Ricky Gervais film of the same name, Toby Mills’ gritty, powerful voice is what most attracts me to this track. It sounds like AC/DC’s Brian Johnson has had the chance to go back in time and cut down on the fags and booze. Well, a bit. There are echoes of Papa Roach in the delivery but the music helps to hold Mills back from being a little too much on the heavy side. It’s full of the rage that once made Kasabian a fantastic musical prospect, the rhythm section relentlessly pound your ear drums and they’re champing at the bit to drive the point home.

Eighteen‘ is an absolute powerhouse of a track and Cemetery Junction would surely make for an exciting live show full of raw, unbridled energy. With a video that’s relatable to anyone that’s ever had a bit of a messy night, this song accurately captures teenage angst.

Ciaran Steward

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