Visitors – ‘Truth’ EP

visitors-truthLiverpool will always be the closest city to my heart; the vibrance and culture on Merseyside is unlike anywhere else I have ever known. Perhaps I enjoyed the new EP from Visitors a little more than I otherwise would have due to an overwhelming sense of sentimentality yet there is still reason to be excited by their 3-track Truth EP.

Each of the tracks is full of their own distinctive character, though it wouldn’t take a genius to pin-point some of their influences (the title track in particular opens as if it were a song misplaced by Miles Kane). I’m most impressed by opening track ‘Radioactive‘ thanks to a combination of top-notch production and lead singer Callum Mian’s voice that has more than a touch of the Jim Morrison’s about it. The cymbals smash throughout the EP as if they were metal waves crashing up against a beach full of thousands of pebbles.

Middle track ‘Stay Away‘ has verses which sound like offcuts from AM whilst the choruses power through with an intensity that Arctic Monkeys haven’t offered as much since Favourite Worst Nightmare. Visitors have a significantly heavier edge in comparison to the other acts mentioned so far and at times the repetition and high levels of distortion can be a little predictable and off-putting.

Nevertheless, Truth is a combination of 2000s indie ideals with elements of grunge and garage rock on side, resulting in a mish-mash of marvellousness. There are plenty of excellent, inspiring bands on the Liverpool scene that they’ll have to compete with if they want to get ahead but with a full, booming voice and some powerful guitar riffs, Visitors have arrived.

Ciaran Steward

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