Daisy Victoria – Heart Full Of Beef EP

daisyvictoriaWith a heart full of punk attitude and a mind bursting with wonderfully creative lyrics, it’s no surprise that Daisy Victoria has already garnered a selection of high-profile fans including Tom Robinson and Huw Stephens.

Her ‘Heart Full Of Beef‘ EP is full of garage-rock angst and ferocity and is anything but short for unique, mystifyingly wonderful ideas. The songstress from Suffolk holds echoes of Arcade Fire within her grasp and treats them with a darker, edgier coating which results in a floating, delightful voice shining like a beacon over the harsh guitars sounds and pounding rhythm section. Whilst the title tracks which brings you into the album is an enticing, powerful opener full of charisma, for me it is dwarfed by the truly magnificent ‘Macbeth To My Lady‘. The basslines are simplistic yet endearing, sounding like they’ve been lifted from a Bloc Party track before being surrounded by a lead guitar perfectly judged and applied, industrial pulsating drums and a lead vocal that draws you in like a cartoon animal being lured by the wafting of a welcoming aroma.

There are so many hints at grunge influences yet the sound is not quite of the heaviness and power of Sonic Youth or Smashing Pumpkins, Daisy Victoria relies on discordance and the unexpected to get her point across. ‘Cloth‘ opens as if it were a Jeff Buckley track in the making, this young singer undoubtedly full of the same life and passion that created such a monumental album as Grace. Daisy’s voice is the show-stopper; it’s sweet with an edge of heartbreak and cynicism. The vocals never seem strained and it would be ludicrous to even suggest that our hostess is ever anything other than in complete control.

As we skiffle our way along the ‘Secret Garden Path‘, we’re treated to another side of Daisy Victoria yet the discordant guitar riffs help to remind us that the path does anything other than lead us away from her world. Once again the lyrics take centre stage here and the guitar provides a welcoming accompaniment, rising and falling through a range of modal progressions. As the EP draws to a close, ‘Tree‘ treats us to a wailing vocal style which is well within the same league as Florence Welch. The dynamic contrasts between the beginning and end of this EP highlight Daisy’s versatility and, for someone who has only been a solo artist for 6 months, a phenomenal musical awareness that betrays her youthfulness.

I haven’t been able to get this EP out of my head since first listen and it has already joined the exclusive ranks of my commuting playlist, I’d much rather be in Daisy Victoria’s world than the monotonous daily grind of trains and tubes. With delightful poetry and excellently executed musical ideas, Daisy Victoria is certainly someone worth keeping a close eye on.

Ciaran Steward

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