Candyblasta – The Ocean

candyblastaWith a name like Candyblasta I was expecting a much more intense, pulsating experience than I was treated to with ‘The Ocean‘. Though it may not be as neat and polished as similar products, the track takes you on a pleasant journey as if you were indeed floating out to sea.

The intent is obvious from the get-go and the lyrical hook is instantly endearing, perhaps the unpolished vocal is exactly what the track needs to create the intimate vibe that makes it so enthralling. It’s easy to swept up in the trance created by the relentless synth representing the waves as it remains an ever-present and essentially acts as the spine of the track, allowing the other instruments and the voice to sit comfortably on top and take centre stage.

Once the beat kicks in it is the bass line which, for me anyway, is most appealing as it feels like a slowed down version of a heavy-duty dancefloor anthem (in fact, a faster version of ‘The Ocean‘ is also available). The track is completed by the wonderful, if not a tad bizarre, introduction of a clarinet which after being enhanced by a range of effects and recording techniques comfortable steals the show.

With a running time of 11:30 ‘The Ocean‘ is able to take you on an epic sea voyage and the homemade feel helps you form a bond with Candyblasta. Listening to this track will take a sizeable chunk out of your day but it’s well worth it.

Ciaran Steward

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