Of Clocks And Clouds – YOU

ocacTime to take a step across the pond and listen to Brooklyn duo Of Clocks And Clouds‘ recent album ‘YOU‘. The band have previously been described as a combination of The Black Keys and Radiohead and it’s clear to see that these two bands have had a significant bearing on the pair’s output. The former have a distinct influence in the band’s format whilst the latter seem like potential inspiration for the layout of the album and the manifesto behind it. It’s more industrial than you might expect but this does nothing but create a haunting, delectable world for you to indulge yourself in.

The synths help spark a bit more cheer into a project which at other times could become a little too desolate and this evening out of the balance fills the entire project with much greater prospects and a little more character. There are plenty of highlights across the album, the guitar solo on ‘Tripping On The Far Side Of The Sun‘ is perhaps my personal favourite, and there is a clear blueprint laid out for what the duo intend to achieve. However, the instant singles are undoubtedly ‘Your Love Will Be My End‘ and ‘What You Need‘ (both of which you can hear below). Joe Salgo’s voice is commanding and full of vigour, each and every word that rolls off his tongue is full of character and determination, whilst the drumming of Ross Procaccio is a powerful, relentless force that gives individual tracks their own persona. Salgo’s voice is at times reminiscent of Damon Albarn – particularly from Gorillaz – and has a sweet tinge of the great Neil Young, particularly on ‘Carry‘.

It can be loud and brash at times yet what makes Of Clocks And Clouds such an enticing prospect is that they aren’t afraid to mix things up and take risks. The dynamic contrast between some of the more chilled out tracks and racing beats like ‘Disaster Medicine‘ is what help to ensure that ‘YOU‘ is a success. The pure energy that fills the air throughout the more upbeat tracks is the blood running through the veins of this album and the duo’s passion is what refuses to allow the music to die.

Ciaran Steward

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