Emily Capell – ‘Who Killed Smiley Culture’

emcapBrought to life by a guitar that sounds like it was an off-cut from Laura Marling’s, Emily Capell‘s compelling track ‘Who Killed Smiley Culture‘ is sarcastic, witty and an all around enjoyable affair that takes every swipe at modern culture that you could hope for.

As someone who often silently rages against the machine as a keyboard warrior, I can instantly identify with Capell’s delightful send-up of many of the clichéd and terrible song lyrics that have come to fruition in recent years. Though this may not be the most musically impressive track that you’ll come across this year, Capell gets her point across with ease and it’s hard not to crack a smile at some of her less subtle lyrics – she’s certainly much more qualified to write sardonic lyrics than Professor Green. It feels as though every song I’ve heard on the radio in any of the more commercial places I’ve had the misfortune to venture into has managed to make Emily’s hit-list and, if you watch the video, her knowing grin adds yet another layer to her wit and shows off just how rightly proud she is of her work.

The guitar may be repetitive and the lyrics almost entirely borrowed yet this is a charming affair and each and every word slashes the culture vacuum like a not so subtle knife. If, like me, you’re a bit of a cynic, you’ll love this. (And WHAT A VOICE!)

Ciaran Steward

(Unfortunately I couldn’t find the final version on Soundcloud so here’s the brilliantly simple video, the demo version of the track is just below it!)

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