Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #6

I’m resisting every last nerve-ending in my body by refusing to make a joke about the rhyming potential within the name of the latest offering from the folks (aka Nicole) over at Rormix. They really are a lovely bunch, why not download the FREE app and let them find you brand new music based on your iTunes library. Or something along those lines, I’m not a scientist. Here are their 5 picks for this week;

Shy For Shore – Love, Again

Shy For Shore are a duo now based in the Netherlands after a chance introduction in Camden in 2011. They state that they are an ’80s inspired dream project’, and the result is  the best kind of synthpop, dreamlike with powerful vocals that are full of feeling.

They have played their single ‘Then The Heartbreak’ live on National Norwegian Television and it has been included in various adverts, one including the duo themselves. The track has also been used in a Norwegian indie film called ‘To Bury a Dog’.

‘Love, Again’ encapsulates the duo’s love for all things 80s, with strong synthesisers and thought provoking lyrics which are made all the more intense by the mystical female vocals.
shy for shore
Avec Sans – All Of Time

Indie dream-pop duo Avec Sans became well-known in the blogisphere for their crowd pleasing remixes, their cover of Bon Iver ‘Perth’ being one of the most memorable examples. Their more recent remix of Brooklyn synth-pop favourites Haerts ‘Hempiglegia’ has racked up 120,000 plays in under a month. However, the band are quickly proving to be even more talented when crafting their own songs.

The duo, made of Alex Fox and Jack St. James, are the perfect pair to bring 80′s synthpop back. Teamed with the powerful yet dream-like voice of Fox, the music has an ethereal and uplifting tinge – it’s indie-electro meets classic pop anthems. Perfect.

Avec sans



1914s – Never Before

The DIY trio 1914s sling their raw, genre-defying, aggressive power onto the dance floor. Electrifying front woman Shay brings an ethereal vocal mystique to proceedings & a seductively slinky rhythm section of beats/bass/guitar/noise/synth provided by Jimi & Gareth; 1914s conjure a sound that can only be described as sleazy electro disco rock.




Sleepy Sun – Galaxy Punk

Sleepy Sun are a five-piece psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, California. Galaxy Punk’ has been described by Esquire as having “a fascinating kind of shimmering psychedelic aura”, with a video that suits the bands well-known trippy style. Expect to find scenes of a wood-dwelling civilisation, a mystical little boy and a man made of straw. Enjoy!

sleepy sun



Coasts – Stay

Coasts are a band which Rormix has supported for 8 months, featuring their video ‘Stay’ on the app and YouTube channel since then. They are a group of long-term friends who just so happen to make music which oozes with sun-drenched, tropical vibes. Perfect for summer listening, Coasts have proved their worth in the last few weeks after being featured on BBC Radio 1, their track ‘Oceans’ being used in the Made In Chelsea advert and being featured on the iTunes list of ‘One’s to Watch 2014′.




Weren’t they all nice? Click on them. All of them. Watch the videos. I’m sure they’re all good. Go on.

Go on.

Go on.


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