Shanty – Leave Me Out

shantyThis seems to be the week which I return to take another look at bands that have previously graced the e-pages of WCT – see yesterday’s review of the fantastic new Kids On Bridges track. I came across the new video from Shanty yesterday and had the immediate urge to write about it. Why? Because it’s so damn good.

The infectious reggae beat that the band have truly mastered returns once again, this time equipped with an excellent video. The basslines and the brass are exactly what you want in a track like this and the unity between the is so deeply pleasing that it will sooth your soul. The voice of Ben Willis is captivating throughout and the raw emotions seep through with every last syllable, making him the perfect frontman for this kind of sound. The guitars, keys and drums give all that you could possibly ask of them as they round out the complete sound of a toe-tapping jam that you’ll be unable to stop listening to.

Even when Shanty‘s sound turns towards the dark side you can’t help but fall for their delightful sound and take the plunge deep into the heart of their music. It’s pure summertime bliss.

Ciaran Steward

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