The Bulletproof Bomb – Five Green Bottles

tbbI would never have thought that I’d come across something that made me think about Lady Sovereign that I’d actually enjoy – no offence Sov but the collaboration with The Ordinary Boys didn’t work for me… The Bulletproof Bomb have got a feeling about them that makes my rebellious instincts roar, the rapid fire lyrics have got my head in a spin and I’m more than happy to be swept up in their infectious vibes.

The offbeat guitar that runs throughout adds a cheeky edge to the sound whilst the backing vocals keep things from getting too rowdy, then again I wouldn’t be complaining if things started to kick off as the band blare away. It’s a new kind of punk-infused indie for generation Z. With a bassline that’s both smooth and worthy of a good dance making up the rhythm section alongside reliable drums, the track is essentially a group of like-minded individuals coming together to create a song that’s exactly the sort of music that they all want to be making.

And that’s exactly what music should be.

Ciaran Steward

P.s. I really hope that when coming up with a title they didn’t start with 99 Green Bottles, we all know how that goes…

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