Coasts – Let Go

Screen shot 2014-11-07 at 20.15.25I don’t think I’ve ever been more worried about hearing what’s about to go down, I was incredibly nervous in anticipation of what was about to come after the opening phase of ‘Let Go‘ from Coasts. Fortunately I was spared the terror-enducing ‘drop’ that has become a horrible EDM ‘must-have’ and was gifted with a track that’s full of character and has a catchy beat that will surely have fans getting a little over-excited every time the band take to the stage.

There aren’t really any rough edges to the sound, the band can be proud of the sleek production on the track and the unity shown within the band makes it a song that will surely make fans flock in their numbers. It’s exactly the sort of sound that will appeal to the masses and from the online following already garnered by the band it’s great to see that they seem to have struck a chord with several music fans. It feels in some ways like a classic 90s anthem, I could easily imagine the band on Top Of The Pops (kids, ask an adult) causing several young people to swoon without the need to any chemical assistance. It even has that upbeat message that has become such an essential feature of capturing the hearts of the mainstream youth.

Though I may prefer something a little less polished, there’s plenty of reasons for Coasts to feel positive as they appear to be making sounds that are getting people excited.

Ciaran Steward

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