Kiko King & creativemaze – Cramps

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 21.48.12OH MY GOD THE ROBOTS ARE TAKING OVER! But seriously, this is something a tad more electronic that the stuff I generally get around to eventually covering on WCT. So what makes this track from Kiko King & creativemaze so special? Well, for me at least, it’s full of a soul so rarely found in something so dark and electronic.

The vocals are what will draw you in before you’re turned into a captive audience by the sounds that approach your ears from all directions, eventually your head will be filled with an array of sound and the only way to survive is to let the music take over and control your every move. This is it, this is the future we’ve all been waiting for. The marauding synth that rampages throughout most of this track is an enticing centrepiece and the effects, vocal parts and beat are added expertly to create a rich, technological sound that lets you know that the machines have finally won.

Somehow the duo have managed to create something that will bring the future directly to your ears, lightyears ahead of anyone else. They’re based in Berlin you say? Well, where else would anyone be coming up with something like this? If you thought Daft Punk were futuristic, Kiko King & creativemaze are one step ahead.

Ciaran Steward

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