Rormix Picks

Rormix Picks #16

What a week it’s been! I don’t think I’ve ever managed to write so many pieces in between two sets of Rormix picks – for once I’m not relying on them to bail me out of a hole of nothingness and lack of content.

In fact, they’ve had a pretty cool week too! Here’s what’s new with them, straight from the horse’s mouth;

Our new release ‘Quick Discovery’ is essentially the ‘Tinder for music discovery’, a newly designed discovery option which enables you to find and create a playlist based on a 15 second preview of randomly selected songs. Swipe left or right depending on if you like the video.

Great idea! I mean, other than the Tinder bit… Anyway, here are this week’s picks;

ODESZA – Say My Name

In 2012, a striking new voice emerged from the wider surge of electronic music in the U.S. ODESZA’s Summer’s Gone stood out from the crowd; it was a collection of songs, not just beats; and its irresistible, startling dreaminess, addictive drums and fathoms-deep bass set it apart from the by-the-numbers brutality of EDM’s also-rans. In an age of manufactured internet buzz and carefully plotted hype, ODESZA’s story was refreshingly authentic: A brilliant new duo unveiled their music on the internet, and the world paid attention.

One of the stunning aspects of ODESZA is the speed with which they’ve created a large, devoted fanbase – testament to just how refreshing, immediate and exciting their music is. ODESZA has amassed over 15 million SoundCloud streams, at an average of 500,000 per week. They’ve picked up 7.5 million Spotify plays, and been licensed by Adidas, GoPro, Piz Buin and many more.

That’s a lot of people who’ve been waiting on the new album. Luckily for them, In Return is everything fans might have hoped for and then some: An album that places ODESZA firmly in the vanguard of electronic music’s coming of age.




Dead Leaf Echo – so.wrong

Dead Leaf Echo are an art project which blossomed in blossomed in 2008, who have matured rapidly since it’s birth, unveiling their unique style of ‘Nouveau Wave’.

DLE has released numerous EP’s, singles and remixes in addition to their noir film videos and heavy tour schedule prompting Time Out NY to call them “Some of the best live music in the city” The band played Escape to NY festival and SXSW last year on bills with The Psychedelic Furs and A Place to Bury Strangers and rocked sold out shows last year opening for 90′s shoegaze legends Chapterhouse and Ulrich Schnauss.

By incorporating elements of ambient, baroque, dream-pop, shoegaze, new wave, and goth, and crafting every aspect of their sound and vision, they remain one of the few left willing to work on high-art as concept. Chiming guitars in twin stereo reverbs with shimmering vocals and silky basslines DLE runs the gamut of what is now possible within the contemporary underground by running at the forefront of the indie NYC music scene.

dead leaf echo



Ron Pope – Lick My Wounds

Ron was rapidly become the vibrant front man of The District, a band he started with classmates Zach Berkman, Paul Hammer, Chris Kienel, Will Frish and Mike Clifford, who he met in a songwriting circle. This wasn’t just any college band — not the kind you’d find in a garage, vibrating the shingles off your neighbor’s roof. The District became a New York household name in its own right, selling out popular venues, as well as playing a vital role in defining Ron’s style as lyricist.

Ron’s solo career evolved out of his individual sense of exploration. He was compelled to try new sounds, use various instruments and write more songs to produce something original yet lasting, something resonant for his listeners. He hit one out of the park in 2008 when he was asked to perform on MTV’s TRL in a review of unsigned, up-and-coming artists. His 2006 song, “A Drop in the Ocean” was already an online darling. When the song was featured on hit shows such as The Vampire Diaries, 90210 and So You Think You Can Dance earlier this year, Ron’s fans took to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word, and it showed when the song became a top 100 download on iTunes. “A Drop in the Ocean” received so much positive feedback that Javier Colon, season 1 winner of NBC’s The Voice, recorded it as the first single off his premier album, Come Through for You.

ron pope



Yøuth – Breathing Easy

Yøuth is a 22 year-old from Nashville. He started recording music at a young age. Both parents are musicians, so he would make little instrumental demos in his dad’s bonus-room studio when he was 14, just teaching himself how to record & write that way. He started performing shortly after that, playing drums/guitar/bass in various bands.

When asked why he decided to start a solo project he said “I guess the simple answer is that I had stuff to say that I wanted people to hear, so I started writing instead of sitting in my room overthinking everything. I released an EP in 2012 under my first name. It was my very first try at singing on pretty much anything. In my current opinion they’re pretty much the worst songs ever written, but a few people liked them so I decided to continue writing and “re-invent” myself with a new sound and new name as YØUTH. I’m basically Madonna.”




Glitter Wasteland – Don’t Let It Go

As complex as Glitter Wasteland’s singer Siri Jantey‘s origin (Vietnam/ Laos/ Cambodia/ China, childhood in Thailand, emigration to Switzerland and longer stays in Los Angeles) and as multi-layered as her tracks: Over punchy drums, seriously deep and driving bass lines, strong ambient soundscapes and captivating melodies; she’s telling us intriguing tales of the night. A wild ride through four decades of electronic music – eclectic and yet unique. Live accompanied by a creative collective of musicians and hypnotic visuals.

glitter wasteland



Lovely stuff.


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